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Flower Blooming Teas are also known as Chinese Artisan Tea. It is 100% handmade tea, with an art process that infuses green tea (white tea) or black tea leaves with edible flowers.

Our green tea balls are using premium White Peony White Tea (Bai Mu Dan) and Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen). As such, the teaballs are:-
★ Rich in Antioxidants
★ Boost Metabolism Rates
★ Nourishes the skin

Most of our tea balls are with natural fruit flavors to give that distinct refreshing and smooth taste.

BREWING GUIDE – Blooming Tea Balls
1. Prepare boiling water and rinse the tea cup/pot with hot water.
2. Put 1 tea ball into the tea cup/pot
3. Pour hot water into the tea cup/pot and enjoy the sight of the tea blooming.
4. Steep tea ball for 3 to 5 minutes. Flower tea will be fully bloomed.
5. Tea is ready to be served.
6. Tea can be steep multiple times as desired.

Certificates :
★ HACCP System Certificate
★ Food Safety Management System Certificate

Flower Blooming Tea

Apple Green Tea – M901A


Flower Blooming Tea

Blueberry Green Tea – M905B

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