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Hand-made Delights. Blooming tea is a handmade tea art process using green tea & black tea with edible flowers.

Our flower blooming tea comes with 13 different designs and flavours, fruity, earl grey or just classic green tea.

Our premium White Peony Tea is from Fuding, Fujian China. It consists of mix of green colour tea leaves and buds. It is light and exceptionally smooth. Low in caffeine, perfect for everyday drinking, hot or cold.

Choice of Mango Peach White Tea and Just White Tea

Our Red Dragon Pearl is handmade from premium Fuding black Tea. it is a rare hand-rolled black tea made of whole tea leaves and buds. It has strong aroma and smooth. It helps maintain overall well-being when taken as part of daily diet. Red dragon pearl tea is perfect for morning and afternoon tea.

Choice of flavours:
– Lychee Mint
– Honey Mango
– Earl Grey
– Apple Caramel
– Just Black Tea

How to Make Cold Brew Tea
Steeping our white teas or red dragon pearls tea in room temperature or cold water for approx. 30mins – 1 hour and then refrigerate it for 6-12 hours.
Cold brew tea tastes awesome. It’s sweeter and smoother without need of adding sugar.

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