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Our premium White Peony Tea is from Fuding, Fujian China. It consists of mix of green colour tea leaves and buds. It is light and exceptionally smooth. Low in caffeine, perfect for everyday drinking, hot or cold.

COLD BREW WHITE TEA! Yes, just steeping our white teas in room temperature or cold water for approx. 30mins – 1 hour and then refrigerate it for 6-12 hours. Cold brew tea tastes awesome, sweeter and smoother without need of adding sugar.

1 Prepare the boiling water (100°C) and let it cool for around 5-8 minutes to 80°C to 85°C
2 Steep 1 tablespoon of white tea leaf in 250-350ml of hot (80°C to 85°C) water for 5 to 6 minutes. Strain and enjoy!

Choice of flavours:-
– Mango Peach White Tea
– Just White Tea

– Rich in antioxidant, help in weight loss.
– Protect skins and help in maintaining youthful skin.
– Helps with heart & liver health
– Helps lower Blood Pressure
– Helps increase good while decreasing bad Cholesterol

Note: The tea leaf can be steeped in hot or cold water.

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