About Our White Tea

Our premium Fuding (福鼎) White tea consists of whole green colour tea leaves and buds. It has light aroma and exceptionally smooth. It is low in caffeine, perfect for everyday drinking.

Benefits of White Tea

  • Rich in antioxidants, help fight fat and enhance metabolism, hence achieving weight loss
  • Help in lowering cholesterol
  • Help maintain overall well-being when taken as a part of your daily diet


How to Brew


  1. Prepare the boiling water (100°C) and let it cool for around 5-8 minutes to 80°C to 85°C
  2. Steep 1 tablespoon of white tea leaves in 250-350ml of hot (80°C to 85°C) water for 5 to 6 minutes.
  3. Strain and enjoy! The tea leaves can be steeped multiple times!


  1. Steep 1 tablespoon of white tea leaves in room temperature or cold water for approx. 30mins – 1 hour
  2. Refrigerate for 6 - 12 hours.

Cold brew tea tastes awesome, sweeter and smoother without any need for sugar!


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