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(Gift Box) Brew & Serve Tea Set w/ Blooming Teaballs

(Gift Box) Brew & Serve Tea Set w/ Blooming Teaballs

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with Teaballs?

The double wall Brew & Serve Tea Set is made of high quality heat resistant Borosilicate glass, can be used for both hot and cold beverages. It made a perfect gift for any occasion!.

Gift Box includes:

1 Set of 300ml double wall Brew & Serve glass cup with Lid/strainer

Option to add: 2 x 150ml double wall glass cups

Material: High quality heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass. Microwave Safe.

Optional choice of Teaballs:

  • Set of 3 Assorted Blooming Teaballs (Red or Kraft Ziplock) 
  • Set of 5 Assorted Blooming Teaballs (Red or Kraft Ziplock)
  • Box of 5 Assorted Blooming Teaballs (Red Tin box)
  • Box of 10 Assorted Blooming Teaballs (Red Tin Box)


For the enjoyment of our blooming teas, we recommend the use of clear or transparent glass cups, teapots or glass carafe.

1) Prepare 400ml to 600ml hot water (100°C)
2) Rinse the tea cup/pot with hot water
3) Put only one tea ball into the tea cup/pot
4) Gently pour boiling water into the tea cup/pot
5) Steep the tea ball, leaves for 3 – 5 minutes
6) Tea is ready to be served once the flower is fully bloomed! Steep longer for stronger  

As desired, add honey or add ice if ice tea is preferred!  

The tea can be steeped multiple times!

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